Barcelona is one of the truly magnetic cities for tourists. Every year, the second largest city in Spain receives more than 8 million visitors. Find out from this article which are the top 20 tourist attractions in Barcelona (places to visit). Barcelona is surpassed only by London and Paris in the number of tourists every year. With such a high popularity, it is almost impossible for this city to disappoint you. All you have to do is choose the tourist attractions you visit very carefully. The offer is so great that it is possible to skip what is really important. But don't worry, because we have prepared a list of the most important places to visit in Barcelona, which, from our point of view, you should not miss.
Tourist spots
1. Sagrada Familia - Without a doubt, it is the most representative building of Barcelona, the most important work of Antoni Gaudi and the most important tourist attraction in Barcelona. There are many very interesting things that you will discover about this cathedral. One of them is the fact that it was started in 1882 and was not finished until today. It is an incredible architectural monument, which should have no less than 18 towers, each with its own meaning. It is expected that the year in which the construction of the cathedral will be completed is 2026. Until then, it is good to see it in the form it is now, because it is charming!
The Montjuic fountain
One of the evenings you spend in Barcelona must be dedicated to the Montjuic fountain. Built in 1929, it offers an incredible show with lights, music and visual effects. The good part is that you can watch the show for free. However, the bad part is that the whole place near the fountain can become extremely crowded.
La Rambla
It is one of the most famous boulevards in the whole world and a mandatory place to visit in Barcelona! If you love animated and colorful places, you will definitely fall in love with this boulevard. Take some time to walk from Plazza Catalunya to the Columbus monument in Port Vell. Admire the street artists and enjoy a coffee on one of the many terraces.
Park Guell
When you are in this Spanish city, you will visit a lot of tourist attractions and monuments that have one name in common: Gaudi. You are almost forced to do it, given that a good part of the tourist attractions in Barcelona bear his signature or are related to him. Park Guell is considered to be the architect's most artistic work. You will have to climb 900 meters to reach it. However, you will be able to take a picture with the famous mosaic lizard or with other sculptures specific to Gaudi. Initially, the park was supposed to be an exclusive neighborhood with 60 houses, but the plan did not work.
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