Bergamo is a city in Italy, about 40 km east of Milan with a population of 119,894 inhabitants. It is home to Orio al Serio International Airport, serving Milan's low-cost market. The city of Bergamo is composed of an ancient walled core, known as the Città Alta ("Upper City"), set in a system of hills, and its modern expansion into the plains below. The upper city is surrounded by massive Venetian defense systems that have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage since July 9, 2017. Bergamo is well connected to several cities in Italy thanks to the A4 highway that runs along the axis between Milan, Verona and Venice. The city is served by Il Caravaggio International Airport, the third busiest airport in Italy, with 12.3 million passengers in 2017. Bergamo is the second most visited city in Lombardy after Milan.
Tourist Attractions
Citta Alta - The best things to do in Bergamo are in Citta Alta, the old town, with its medieval and Renaissance buildings clustered atop an outcrop of rock. The best way to get there is the funicular, which brought you to Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe. This small square leads to the narrow stone-paved Via Gombito, in which stands a patrician Torre di Gombito, built around 1100. Further down Via Di Porta Dipinta, stand at the beautiful churches of San Michele al Pozzo Bianco and Sant&#039 ;Andrea (inside the last is a Madonna crowned with saints by Moretto). Lined with patrician buildings with small shops at street level, Via Gombito leads to the beautiful Piazza Vecchia.
Piazza Vecchia
A remarkable and beautiful ensemble of patrician houses and the Palazzo della Ragione (town hall) surround this square in the heart of the old town. The stone staircase of the 12th-century Palazzo della Ragione and the loggia of three Gothic arches (largely rebuilt in the mid-1500s) form the upper part of the piazza, joining the tall tower, the Torre del Comune. The lower part is bounded by the late Renaissance Palazzo Nuovo, which houses the municipal library. In the center is the Contarini Fountain, decorated with lions, and another lion of Saint Mark looks down from above. A cafe in the upper corner makes a good place to appreciate the scene.
Santa Maria Maggiore (Basilica of St. Mary Major)
Through the archway at the top of Piazza Vecchia is Piazza del Duomo (cathedral square), and together they contain some of Bergamo's most impressive architectural treasures. The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, begun in 1137 as a Romanesque church, has a step-back tower over the passage and a flowered choir. The doorways on both sides of the church are guarded by lions in the beautiful Gothic couches (1353 and 1360). Inside are choir and Renaissance stalls, Baroque stucco work and 16th century tapestries on the side walls and choir. Admiring locals still leave fresh flowers on the grave of composer Donizetti, a Bergamo native buried here.
Carrara Academy Art Gallery
Made by a pass barrier leading from Porta Sant'Agostino is a palace that houses the Accademia Carrara, an art museum with works by Italian artists Lorenzo Lotto, Palma il Vecchio, Giovanni Battista Moroni, Vittore Carpaccio, Jacopo and Giovanni Bellini, Andrea Mantegna, Girolamo Romani Romanino, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Titian, Paolo Veronese, Raffael Santi, Sandro Botticelli, Luca Signorelli and Carlo Crivelli, as well as works by Albrecht Dürer and Anton van Dyck.
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