Craiova International Airport

Expansion of arrivals/departure terminals

An expansion project is currently underway with two more building bodies: the arrivals terminal to the east of the existing terminal and the departures terminal to the west of the existing terminal. The built-up area related to the proposed expansions will be 1,509.66 sq m built-up area and 2,250.06 sq m undeveloped area. The execution period will be 15 months, and the total value of the project will amount to 6.4 million euros. Thanks to this investment, Craiova Airport could process over one million passengers annually.

Full security outside/inside

The project aims to improve the security of Craiova Airport and the investment of 16 million euros consists mainly of: the construction of a technological perimeter road the purchase of a lighting system for the technological perimeter road the implementation of a perimeter detection system with closed circuit television and an access control system rehabilitating and expanding the CCTV surveillance system rehabilitating and expanding the perimeter fence building a shed for the rapid response team purchasing equipment and security control systems for passengers, luggage and cargo.

Expansion and Modernization

The project has an estimated value of 96 million euros and aims to build a new terminal. The project is included in the General Transport Master Plan of Romania, currently the bidding procedure is underway for the preparation of supporting documentation for financing the investment Expansion and modernization of Craiova International Airport. The investment to be financed through the Large Infrastructure Operational Program 2014-2020, Priority Axis 2. The development of a quality, sustainable and efficient multimodal transport system, aims to build: news terminals aircraft taxiways, boarding/disembarkation platforms , access roads, technological roads, fences, parking lots, access control and surveillance systems, etc. the equipment necessary to carry out the airport's activity (snow removal equipment, movement infrastructure, security control, fire extinguishing systems, etc.) utilities.

We are waiting
For the number of passengers to reach 1,933,186 by 2046.
The SWOT analysis

Strong points

The second largest a/p in the southern part of Romania The best prices in Romania Throughput of 600 pax/hour WizzAir base – operates 10 international routes Cargo facilities Serves 5 counties – 2.3 million inhabitants New Europe Bridge from Vidin-Calafat – for connections with the northern part of Bulgaria


Short road distance to Otopeni International Airport Presence of only one ground handling service provider No domestic flights to transform CRA a/p into a feeder for international routes No flights operated by the national company


New project - "Extension and modernization of Craiova International Airport" - expansion and modernization in order to increase regional accessibility New European Express Road: Craiova - Pitesti, Craiova - Targu Jiu, Rapid Road: Craiova - Lugoj, Craiova - Alexandria. CFR projects for the region: Connecting Europe Facility Regional investments – several multinational companies: Ford, Pirelli, ALRO, Lafarge, Automotive Increasing interest in charter flights throughout the year


Current restrictions related to COVID'19 The war in Ukraine - which has led to price increases affecting all nearby A/P flights: OTP, TSR, BEG, SBZ, SOF
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