Passengers with reduced mobility

Assistance at the airport
The category of passengers with reduced mobility includes any person whose mobility is impaired due to a disability (sensory or locomotor), physical impairment, age, illness or other cause (persons using a wheelchair, persons with disabilities visually impaired, elderly, very tall or overweight).

Before the trip
In order to travel by plane, to benefit from services intended for passengers with reduced mobility, request special assistance from the time of booking the ticket.
The person responsible for boarding will be warned in advance of the type of assistance required, and you will be assisted by a qualified person.

Public parking lots
The public parking lots of the airport have places specially intended for people with reduced mobility.

In the terminal
For access to the terminal floor, passengers traveling in wheelchairs have an elevator at their disposal, equipped with a control panel installed at a suitable height.

Inside the airport you will find toilets specially arranged to allow their use by people traveling in wheelchairs.

Quality standards regarding the PMR Passenger Assistance Service

European Commission - Passengers' Rights - Passengers with reduced mobility


Covid certificates

"‼️ Important:

Starting from Friday, August 13, 2021, for crossing state borders, at the level of EU countries, only digital COVID certificates will be recognized as documents proving vaccination, passing through the disease and the negative result of an RT-PCR test.

Covid 19 certificates for EU travel can be downloaded from the portal

Crossing the borders is also possible without the existence of these certificates, but with compliance with the national quarantine rules in each state."

PMR Complaint Form

This form can be used to send a complaint to R.A Craiova Airport or any other competent authority regarding
the violation of the EU Regulation (EC) Nr. 1107/2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons
with reduced mobility whrn travelling by air.

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