Mariana Drăgescu (Marie-Ane-Aurelia Drăgescu)-Zburatorea, as she was called, is the last female legend of Romanian aviation from the Second World War who fought on both fronts and contributed to saving the lives of over 1,500 soldiers . From the age of 4, Mariana was interested in sports. She was passionate about riding a bicycle, riding, skating, swimming, some concerns different from those of the young ladies of those times. But Mariana resembled her mother, who had an adventurous spirit, he liked freedom and always overflowed with energy. When the First World War broke out, Mariana had just arrived with her parents in Bucharest. The German planes were bombing the city and Mariana couldn't anymore, wanting to go outside, to see them better. Fear does not characterize her, she represents a symbol of courage, dedication, a true example of life, being a courageous character who fought hard against the prejudices of a society that marginalizes women, seeing her only in the role of a housewife. Mariana graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports and the Riding School of the 4th Roşiori Regiment. In 1935, she secretly enrolled at the Pilot School in Băneasa, starting to fly in double command, being trained by the famous aviation captain Constantin Abelas. In 1937, Mariana Drăgescu was assigned to the Royal Aeroclub and from June 1940, to the Ministry of Naval and Air Transport, as a pilot. From 1941, she went to the front as part of the Medical Squadron, nicknamed the White Squadron - the only unit of medical planes piloted by women in the world. Mariana Drăgescu participated in the war on both fronts, where she remained until the last day of the war. For 3 years, until 1957, she worked as a flight instructor at the Ghimbav Aviation School in Brasov, after which she found a position as a clerk at a medical clinic, where she worked as a typist for ten years. On the completion of a century of life - in September 2012 - the pilot Mariana Drăgescu, the longest serving member of the White Squadron and the only Romanian female pilot on the Western Front, was decorated with the Emblem of Honor of the Romanian Army, receiving the rank of commander. the promotion of Mariana Drăgescu was attended by the Chief of the General Staff, the Chief of the Air Force Staff and the President of the National Association of War Veterans.

"a life begun in 1912 in the service of an idea, flight, which she passionately served on her way to the stars." (General Dobran)

McCarran International Airport, also called Las Vegas Airport, represents the main access route to the resort city of Las Vegas - the "City of Lights" or "Adults' Disneyland" which represents a combination of luxury, grandeur, light, and colors.

McCarran Airport is the main commercial airport for Las Vegas and the entire Clark County, Nevada region, serving as the largest base of operations for both low-cost carrier Allegiant Air and the Southwest region. The airport is located 8 km south of the business center of Las Vegas, with an area of 1,100 hectares and 4 runways, serving as the main hub for Great Lakes Airlines.

The airport has 110 gates at 2 separate terminal buildings, each with its own garage, ticketing/check-in area, also having many shops, restaurants and fast food outlets.

The airport has a maximum capacity of 53 million passengers and 625,000 aircraft movements, with a free shuttle bus service running between terminals every 12-15 minutes.

Las Vegas Airport, the 7th busiest airport in North America, was the first airport in the US to use radio frequency for passenger baggage control, thus reducing the chances of lost baggage.



In 2012, McCarran/Las Vegas Airport ranked 24th in the world for passenger traffic with 40,799,830 passengers and 8th in the world for aircraft movements with 527,739 takeoffs and landings.

The airport is home to the Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum, which describes the city's aviation history and is always open and free of charge.

The airport has a car rental service where the following cars can be rented at Sixt offices: BMW 3, BMW 5, BMW X3, Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Suburban, Chrysler 300s, Ford E350, Ford Flex, Ford Mustang, Honda Civic, Hyundai Accent, Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes Benz, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Mercedes-Benz ML, Toyota Rav4, Toyota Sienna, VW Beetle, VW Jetta, VW Passat, Volvo XC90

The airport offers free Wi-Fi access, being one of the largest Wi-Fi services in the country, with the network serving 41 million travelers who use the airport annually.

In addition, the main attraction of the airport is represented by the more than 1000 automatic machines in the airport terminals that delighted the passengers to the maximum, as it is well known that they form the emblem of the city.

For those who want to get to know the surroundings of Las Vegas, unique in their charm and lust for life of people who seem to enjoy every moment, McCarran International Airport is the fastest way to know and live these moments of excitement, lust of life and maximum delight in front of unique places in the world such as this "City of cities"

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Although it is known that each company looks for a certain pattern from the people employed, in order to preserve the uniqueness of its crew and the services offered, the role of a flight attendant should be basically the same, regardless of the company you fly for. First of all, a flight attendant must show passion for the job she does, have an empathic nature, show a spirit of sacrifice and be willing to play the role of savior, in case face limit situations. A flight attendant must show professionalism, team spirit and good communication with the rest of the crew. She must always be kind to passengers, who can approach her for various problems. She must be patient, understand their sometimes exaggerated fears, panic attacks or anxiety that can often turn passengers into irritable, uncooperative individuals, perhaps even repulsive to the attempts of help offered by those around them. For this reason it is particularly important that she has experience in customer relations, experience that can help her overcome situations of this kind during the flight.

Taking into account the fact that the flight attendant will be the ambassador of the company she works for, she must always look flawless, be rested and well-groomed.

Another mandatory requirement that must be respected is punctuality, a stewardess risking losing her job if she is late for a flight, proving in this way superficiality and frivolity.

She must have strength of character and calm the heated spirits that can disturb the peaceful atmosphere during the flight, assuring the passengers that they will arrive safely at their destination.

The minimum age for employment as a flight attendant differs from one company to another, being between 18 and 21 years old, and the maximum age being generally around 40 years old.

People who want to take up this job must have a baccalaureate degree and bring proof of medical skills (medical certificate JAR-FCL 3, class 2 - neurological, ophthalmological, ENT, audiometric, gynecological, cardiological, etc.) and must also pass control of balance and resistance in special conditions, which is done with the gyro-chair and the barocamera.

The exam itself consists of the English language test, written and oral, and a test of the geography of Romania and Europe, the minimum grade for admission being 7, for all tests.

Apart from the rather high costs that this job entails, namely the completion of a theoretical course, worth about 2000 euros, which includes 231 hours (including the end-of-course exams) and takes place in about 8 weeks, must be paid and the hours spent with the flight simulator, around 500 euros, the training flight hours amounting to 1000 euros and in addition the license exam, around 100 euros.

Regarding the physical requirements, the minimum limit varies from one company to another, but in general it starts from 1.58 meters to 2.12 meters on spikes, hand up.

Thus, if in the case of the Wizz Air company, the minimum height for women applying for such a position is 1.65 meters, in the case of the Swiss, it can decrease to 1.58 meters. Lufthansa company representatives claim that their flight attendants have a height between 1.58 meters and 1.75 meters, and the Dutch from KLM want their maximum height to be 1.85 meters requesting that before the employment interview , women should not wear heels to meet this standard.

The first 6 months after employment is the trial period for flight attendants.

Among the conditions imposed for obtaining the position, the future flight attendant must be able to swim 50 meters by herself fully clothed and not have panic attacks even in extreme cases.

In addition, it is also important to mention that most of the airlines, both from Romania and abroad, are quite strict with future employees, forbidding them to have any kind of tattoos and piercings or at least, not to expose them during working hours.

Although in general the airlines are quite strict with the personnel they recruit, there are also certain foreign airlines that recruit people without a license, only on the basis of their fulfillment of certain conditions, providing the trainees with both theoretical and practical training practice.

In addition to the nice parts that this job entails, namely, the fact that it is not a monotonous job and you can visit places, maybe inaccessible sometimes, due to high financial costs, this job also involves certain disadvantages and sacrifices that you have to bear, if you choose this path.

Such a job requires the person employed in such a position to sacrifice the time spent with the family, to be always away from their loved ones, this implies a rather large nervous consumption and practically giving up a personal and family life.

In addition, their physical and mental health is endangered by the demanding work schedule and frequent time zone changes.

This job also requires a good mastery of emotions and inner feelings. Regardless of whether she is faced with an unpleasant or traumatic situation that can even affect those close to her, the flight attendant must show strong self-control, patience and interest in all the problems raised by the passengers, leaving personal worries and problems in the last place .

Among the advice given by flight attendants to those who want to follow this profession, we mention:
"I wish those who really want to spend their time among the clouds to have a lot of patience and perseverance. It would be advisable for them to see beyond the cool image of flight attendants and realize that it is a stressful, risky and tiring job at times. It is a job that forces you to stay away from your loved ones for a long time and requires you to sacrifice the holidays. In the end, I would suggest them to carefully analyze their life style. In order to resist and succeed in this career, it is advisable to be a little narcissistic, sociable, well-informed, communicative, empathetic" (Otila Zamfir - Oman Air)


With alland we bump into certain ones question in the time in the which us ready for a travel by plane: I'm allowed to I I take the pager, the favorite perfume, the MP3 Player

with which to me can delight in the time journey, It is necessary to I have a pain reliever to I'm wearing belt of safety on all during the flight?

With allhim we have different dilemmas related to conditions which must be respected in the during the flight and we are looking for some answers which be them find sometimes very hard, if not at all.

from for this reason, I decided in the the ones that it follows to will answer to a part from these unclear, starting up through of present the interested a list with things which they are allowed and respectively those that are not allowed to it FIND in the passenger baggage:

In the the first row, in the during the flight, (apart from the ladies' bag and young ladies or bag for laptop) passengers have the right to a single baggage of hand free of charge, which to respect the dimensions LISTED: 42 cm height, 32 cm width and 25 cm thick, being necessary that this to have place under the seat from face their; in the case in the which the baggage of hand It is May big than a small luggage but no EXCEED dimensions LISTED, may be be land on board the aircraft in the the exchange of a fee, being mandatory to have place in the compartment of up; the baggage of hand large has the dimensions: 56 cm height, 45 cm width, 25 cm thick, to the luggage of hold there are no barringhim related size, this one can to exceed dimensions: 56cm x 45cm x 25cm but being necessary to have a weight Maxim of 32 kg.

only free hand luggage to Wizz Air are backpacks by school or laptop bags which they take place under the seat from face, With maximum dimensions of 42x32x25cm.

On by hand luggage it May may be take in the plane and a coat or a blanket, a magazine, crutches for people which require help and they can't travel one, again in the case in the which there is to board a small child, can be brought for this food, a folding stroller, or a small swing.

In the as look objects on which we are allowed to they transport the in the time journey by plane, (for passengers who Traveling with Wizz company) we can mention: money, jewelry, precious metals, laptop, personal electronic items, documents important, documents, passports or other identity documents, camera - (only if It is placed in a backpack or troller), hair straightener, hair dryer, epilator, MP3 Player, Kindle, electric brush, foundation (if it is fluid, only if it has a maximum of 100ml, if it is compact (powder) no there is no restriction), containers of maximum 100ml that must kept in a transparent and closed bag (seal) which it take out from luggage to security control. It must be taken in the account the fact that all containers (maximum 10) must have together the a lot 1 litre: perfume, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner/hair mask, sunscreen, nail polish, acetone, a sandwich, croissant, biscuits, etc., fruit, apparatus of laugh (without removable blade), nail file - (if it is made of cardboard -disposable- or plastic and without heads sharp) umbrella - only if it is tight, cigarettes (one cartridge at most), bag hand/shoulder/purse – must carriage in the rucksack rucksack/troller, lighter/match, medicines – must be accompanied by a prescription, objects (dishes, pans souvenirs) cane/crutches- on the plane, but must kept separate from luggage, in the case in the which passengers cannot travel free help.

The passengers have it forbidden transport following objection in the time journey by plane:

firearms, ammunition and explosives, weapons of hunting, intended weapons practice certain sports, any objects or substance which have the appearance of firearms, a ammunition or explosives, substance flammable, radioactive materials, condensed gas, substance poisonous or infectious, corrosive, briefcases and tapes for the transport of values with devices of alarm incorporated, with lithium batteries, or pyrotechnic materials, objects that put life pASSENGERS in the danger, any material forbidden according to the rules and Rulemaking any from creep affected by this transport, remains earthly of a human body, any specified objects in the instructions technical for transport in the safety of dangerous goods pec those air emitted by organization Aviation civil International (ICAO) and of regulation looking dangerous goods issued by Association International of Air Transport (THERE IT IS)

Wizz Air does not transport Pets.( dogs record which ACCOMPANYING blind people or hearing impaired people can be transported only on continental European routes, these I can not be transported on routes to or from the sea Great Britain.).

Wizz Air offers assistance blind, deaf passengers or people with mental disabilities.

Ladies pregnant they are allowed to travel until, and inclusive, in the week the 34th of task. After this interval, they don't them it May Enable to travel by plane.

In the as look trip children by plane, they are not allowed to travel than in the conditions in the which are accompanied by an adult or if have age of minimum 14 years.

In the time journey by plane, passengers are required to follow some regularly which ensure conduct flight in the condithim maximum of safety:

Passengers must to keep peace on time journey by plane, so much to not them disrupts the activity of flight crew members How and to their respect colleagues of travel which can considerably necessary to have a atmosphere relaxing on all during the flight.

It is necessary that the passengers to ţin thecomplicated ever the luggage in the compartment of up(heatrick) again these to stay closed to prevent the production of some accidents in the the time of one turbulence or landings force .

so much flight attendants, How and the others passengers must to grant it Careful Maxim dependency of nicotine which would can to smoke secretly during the flight. Although to on board an aircraft it I find a number of about 10 extinguishers on board,  through throwing snot from cigarette incompletely extinguished, it could be cause a fire on board the aircraft, which would jeopardize safety the flight.

In the during the flight, I can appear or it can worsen certain problems of health of which suffer passengers, these can be due to a series of causes: pressure air induced, temperature low, air conditioned recirculated. from this reason passengers are advised either to have to them the necessary medicines, (there is and on board certain medicines but I can to may not be suitable for all the affections passengers) either to put off traveling by plane in the case in the which state of health poor him prevent to make face such a one travels.


In the as regardsyourself the state of bad caused of a fear out of control in the flight time, (aerophobia) is indicated that people affected by the condition impending of bad to it rest sufficient before of boarding and to eat something Easy, to avoid so much symptoms of fatigue How and nausea, headaches or dizziness.

Through the affections with which yourself GATES FACING in the during the flight, we can remember: thrombosis(swelling of the legs CAUSES by o stupid circulation of BLOOD) that may occur in the during the flight from Cause that that passengers do not it move not at all time long, epileptic fits, attacks of panic, asthma attacks, blackouts or even allergies caused by Refreshments served during the flight. With all that to companies big there is in the kit of expedite an epiphany with adrenalin which administered pASSENGERS in the case of allergy severe, sometimes it can be reached SIDE very strong of the body in certain types of food, so that It is May good to KNOW certainly if we suffer from such an allergy and to us abstain from certain foods prohibited.

In the in case of air gaps, the passengers are usually prevent that moisten to welcome such situations, but, there is situations When the staff does not May It has time to bring to acquaintance this to the passengers, being so preferred that these to wear permanently belt of safety to avoid the production of some incidents.
To prevent a STATES of agitation in the time journey, May chosen if persons in the Cause know that there were antecedents, is not indicated to it consume coffee or alcohol before traveling thus that to can be reduce the chances of suffering a panic attack. Instead, it's good to it is consumed the water so much before How and after what passengers se get on to board.

One from the May important terms which ensure a state of relaxation in the during the flight, is the enjoyment of a reading or a the music relaxing on time journey, being necessary that the passengers to have a attitude positive and to avoid to it load with thoughts and negative energies, or with Misconceptions related possibility the occurrence of an aircraft accident.

In the case in the which us dealing with feelingtakes uncomfortable blocked ears, is indicated to it chew gum, to it drink the water, or to a decongestant is taken to clear the airways.
A clothing proper may be to help to the growth your own comfort like this that in-such a travel it opt for o carriage How May casual and some comfortable shoes, which to give a state generous good.

If there is people which it FACING with a state of anxiety majority, is indicated to it takes an anxiolytic with a few minutes before departure because the medicine provoke a state of drowsiness and may be quiet temporarily suffering people. It is also indicated to an Emetostop/Emetiral is taken, for people who want to prevent standing of nausea.

Although the statistics to miss that chances to you You lose life in the the time of one travels by plane are of 1 to 8 million is good that the passengers to or TRAINED Regarding conditions of safety which must be respected in the during the flight and in the same time is indicated that They themselves to their takes some measure minimum of caution to it avoid appearance some problems along the way journey.


The most dangerous airports in the world

Among the most dangerous airports in the world, located in areas where even experienced pilots can perform take-off and landing maneuvers with difficulty, we mention: